The last six months of life have been a whirlwind.

So much has happened. I've realized how hard it is to manage every aspect of your business. But when I say hard I don't mean impossible... I just mean it's not enough hours in the day for your brain to be able to work a 20 hour day and then remember or better yet have the energy to update your beautiful website which is why I have seemingly been M.I.A. (both here and on Instagram). But I promise things have been magically working in my favor. 

On Thanksgiving I signed the lease for my RESTAURANT! Super excited about that. That has been the most exciting thing that has happened for sure! I will have more information on that fact after the NEW YEAR. Figured I would start 2017 off with a big bang!

The month of November was insane. It felt like I had an event everyday. We worked so hard but it all paid off. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of catering a 50th birthday party. My client was truly a dream to work with. She was so appreciative and loved everything which made those 16 hour days totally worth it. The pics below by photographer J'Nae Antoinette show a couple hors d'oeuvres I created for the evening. 

Chicken Salad Crostini topped with Mango and Blackberry

Creole Shrimp Bruschetta with Feta and Basil

Capturing the Food

Something that I definitely need to improve on is taking pictures at events. I must be the WORST at creating a digital portfolio of my work. I think I may need to outsource for this mission. Any takers lol? Ciley lives in LA so I am kind of screwed on this for a day-to-day deal.

I've created so many different dishes that I didn't even know I could do as well as I did them but only I, the client, and the guests who were there would know that. This is something I must improve on. People like to see the food, salivate over pictures, then book you. Luckily... because I am lacking in the picture department... the WORD of MOUTH has been my saving grace LOL. 

Capturing the Food... duly noted.


So... if you know me, you know I love a good beat. I have actually become pretty good at doing my own makeup and hair for that matter. I use to have to have my makeup done and hair laid for event day. I would wake up an hour early just to make sure this was done. But the summer of 2016 through November of 2016 showed me this whole HAVING TO WEAR makeup for event day went right out the window. I mean I was rocking bare face and high buns... hair that is. Of course my eyebrows were always presentable. I am pretty talented at hiding those extra hairs when I haven't had time to get the The Threading Salon. This is will definitely be a hard one to accept. But when you are working off two, three hours of sleep... HD Makeup Forever and Nars Concealer stay in the second drawer in the vanity. So long my good friends lol. 

Bare Face and High Bun while showing my client Ms. Turner the FAB Fruit Tray. She was super sweet.



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