Last month was a very exciting month for me. Besides the normal hustle and bustle, I hired my first full-time employee. Meet Leisa Brown!
Leisa and I actually attended Grambling State University together and were teammates for three years. She is originally from Little Rock, AK. The way this all came together is truly divine intervention. Here is the story...

So, I planned on traveling back to Grambling (after not having visited since February 2012) for my teammate's baby shower back in October 2015. During my college years, I would typically go through Little Rock and ride with Leisa and my other teammate Whitney (Leisa's sister) back to Grambling for the short three hour ride. This time would be no different of course. I called Leisa a few days prior to my arrival, letting her know I was coming down for the baby shower and that I wanted her to come too seeing that the three of us use to have so much fun together. She agreed and we were all set. Now I will say Leisa and I weren't necessarily best friends in college but we definitely were best teammates. We had this understanding in practice that if one of us for some reason were not feeling it that day, we would work together to make it seem like we were working hard. To do this we always guarded each other and actually pulled it off all three years. The coaches never caught on or at least they didn't let us know hehe.
Any-who back to the story. 
The day before I was set to arrive in Little Rock, Whitney called me saying Leisa didn't really want to go anymore and she decided she was just going to sit this one out. Once I heard that I immediately told Whitney I would called her back and called Leisa right away. And after brief convincing, Leisa decided she would go... again.
The next day Whitney picked me up from the airport and we went over to her mom's house (Momma Brown) so we could chat and catch up on old times. While we were all there, I began telling them about my new business and how well everything had been going. I also shared that I was in desperate need of a kind of "right hand woman" to be there with in my day-to-day operations. And then the epiphany happened. They both said why don't you talk to Leisa. She is ready for a change and would probably be open to moving up there with you. My eyes lit up like a five year old old on Christmas morning. I was so excited and I couldn't wait for Leisa to get to the house to ask her. 
About an hour or so later, Leisa arrived and I was sitting in the kitchen with a huge smile on my face which quite frankly isn't out of the norm. I gave her a big hug and told her I had to run something by her. We sat down, I told her all the particulars, asked if she would be interested in being my managerial assistant and she after a brief marinating moment she AGREED! I told her I had an event in November and would fly her up for a kind of trial run to make sure she would want to really be doing the kind of work I needed her to do. I told her cooking is hard work and is much more than the pretty plates you see at the end. But my words didn't seem to slow her down at all.
Once we finished talking, the three of us got on the road. We had a great time seeing all of our old teammates and hanging out like we were back in college. And of course while I was there, everyone wanted me to cook which I did with no hesitation. And this in fact was a great time to see if Leisa could handle the work load. We worked so well in the kitchen, it was like we were back on the court together. That night just solidified in my mind that this was the right decision. 
Fast forward to the present and now I have my "right hand." The person I was asking God to bring to me for the past year and a half. I am so truly grateful. Words really can't express how happy I am now that Leisa is here. And to think, her joining my company happened because of three things:
1. My teammate got pregnant and decided to have a baby shower in Grambling for us instead of Houston, where she is originally from. 
2. I didn't have an event booked that weekend which was weird seeing that fall is very busy for me.
3. Having that conversation with Momma Brown and Whitney and hour before Leisa showed up at the house. 
When people say everything happens in God's appointed time, I promise you that is really the truth. Now that I have Leisa here, I couldn't imagine anyone else doing this with me. Her moving to Chicago was a real milestone event for me. It showed me that my business is really growing. It also made me sit back and say how in the world was I doing everything by myself before? But I am so happy those days are over. So thank you Momma Brown and Whitney! And thank you Leisa for taking a chance on your old teammate :-)