In the midst of trying to keep business in order and run like somewhat of a well-oiled machine, Leisa and I realized we need HELP! 

Before Leisa joined me, I was doing everything by myself. And when I say everything I mean everything: from creating menus to customer service to grocery shopping and loading the truck while trying to remember how I was going to set the table with all these chic decor items I picked up from various stores but keeping a huge smile on my face because when a client would answer the door they looked passed me expecting a team to follow. And me knowing this would happen, I would stand there with this huge grin on me face... which really wasn't hard seeing that my nickname was Smiley... trying to distract them with my pearly whites with nine hundred bags hanging from my shoulders :-) You get the picture. 

Then God Himself sent me Leisa. I couldn't have been happier. Then God Himself sent me more business and now WE were back at square one. 

Flashback to November of 2015, the meeting with a charter school I will hopefully be doing business with soon, after talking about the main points we discussed a possible internship program where senior students would work with my company for service learning hours. Both parties loved the idea and decided we would start the program soon. Now flash forward/back to the beginning of April when I received an email stating the three potential students passed their ServSafe course and were ready to work! Our prayers we yet again answered.

That next week, Leisa and I met with our new interns: Kila Hill, Deonte Alexander, and Eric Crockrell; all of which want to one day do some of the same things I am doing now. I think Leisa and I were more excited to have them then they were. It was like a pressure being released. Now we have interns to do all the prep work and having three extra pair of hands in the kitchen would only make us better as a team. I am so happy to have them and I look forward to providing them with the best culinary experience I can.

Giving back to those who are aspiring is a greater gift than receiving. That's my state of mind.